Monday, March 20, 2017

My 12th transfer - March 13th

This week was really great, it went SO fast though, next week I´ll be starting my 12th transfer.

On Tuesday we were teaching Jason, a new investigator, he is really great. During the lesson our phone just kept buzzing and it was literally everyone who we were going to visit after Jason.
Unfortunately...they call to cancel, BUT at least they called. I prefer that way more than trying to chase after them. Zuster Bokai and I decided to go home and have lunch, we then felt that we need to call a newly wed (Elena & Jordan) to see if they needed help with anything. It turns out that they do. So we went right over and started carrying their fridge into their kitchen, cleaning and lots of painting.
I honestly just really love to serve others, it brings me so much joy. Their house still isn't done so
we´ll be helping them out some more.

During this week we had a lesson with Mina, a new investigator, we invited a Guyanese member, Sister Salik, to come out teaching with us. As we arrived at Mina´s house we started to call Sister Salik´s phone, we then here laughter inside the house, and heard a very familiar voice. Zuster Bokai and I look at each other...and say at the same time: "SISTER SALIK!"
We klop (knock) and Sister Salik answers and says: "Come on in, honey."
Sister Salik is the best!

I would love to share some contacting experiences in our designated contacting area that we have had this week:

 Wednesday: as we were contacting we saw a woman on the street and she was just standing there with her child. So we went over and she recognised us as a member lives above her and we go there to teach them. She asks us if we want to sit wth her, once we sat down, she told us that she has been praying and she has actually been trying to find us. She told us that she felt she need to stand outside...and there we were! She told us some very personal trials, we bore our testimony of Gods love for her and the life the she can have through the gospel.

On another occasion, when we went contacting, we were actually getting ready to leave our designated area, but I saw a woman cleaning her garden and talking to this woman. I felt like we needed to speak to her, but it is always just super awkward when you have to interrupt someones conversation. Luckily her friend left, so we hurried over there, we talked about God with her.
We then ask her if she has ever heard about the LDS church. She then says: "Thats a strange question."
Us. "Why?"
She: "Because I am baptised in the LDS church."

This week we had a lesson with a woman from a different faith. Long story short, she would try to proof to us that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints isn't the true church.
Honestly, the Spirit was just so strong! She might never join the church but I have gained a stronger testimony from this experience! I don't have any doubts that this isn't the true church! There isn't anything or anyone that could make me think otherwise!

I love the Book of Mormon, I feel the Spirit whenever I read it. I know that it is written by prophets.
I KNOW that it is true!

I love you all so much, speak to you next week...Stay strong!

Zuster Vernes

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