Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Best week of my mission so far - Mar 27th

This was a hard week! For two reasons: 1. we worked SO hard and 2. we met a lot of people that started arguing with us...BUT it was also THE best week of my mission so far!

We met up with our Brazilian investigator, Marilin, even though we haven't seen her in a while, she had been reading her Book of Mormon every day and has been marking it too.
Which was AWESOME!!!
I really don't know how, but the Spirit puts words in my mouth and somehow they make sense in Portuguese. I feel so privileged being able to experience these kind of things.
It has humbled me a lot...I just really love my mission!

During the week Zuster Baker was working with us until our new companion would arrive, it was a blast having her, she's hilarious!
Zuster Bokai, Zuster Baker and me
Anyways we went over to our Dutch investigator, he then told us that he is planning on going to the Binnenland and use black magic to get rid of bad luck that his ex wife put on him.
We told him about the Priesthood and shared our personal experiences with the Priesthood, how it is a blessing of comfort, guidance and healing. We explained to him that it is the power from God.
The unbeatable trio: Zuster Vernes, Zuster Hendricks, Zuster Bokai

He then said that he wants to receive a Priesthood blessing. Since we have been visiting him, he has been changing slowly, he has been starting to recognise the Spirit. He told us when we were leaving:
"Whenever you come I just feel this peace in my heart. I feel good and calm."
He came to church yesterday.
Cleaning at Brother Bandu

We then went over to Brother Bandu, as we klopped (knocked) he asked if we could come another day. We said: "No, why?"
Brother Bandu: "I need to clean my garden."
Brother Simon, I´m wearing his hat
We then lock our bikes and start helping him, it was really fun but also very exhausting, after we finished he changed his mind and told us that we can have a lesson with him and his girlfriend...which was sweet.

For Zuster Bokai´s 7 month mark we wanted to treat her with some ice cream. When we returned to our bikes it turned out that  Zuster Bokai had lost her key. She locked her front wheel to nothing.
As we were carrying her bike home, an old guy named Richard, stopped us, grabbed some tools and snapped the lock open...we then thanked him and taught him the Restoration.

Once Zuster Hendricks joined us, Zuster Bokai and I met some crazy people, but it was a lot of fun.
We saw so many miracles and worked so hard.
Biking to Brother Simon

Zuster Hendriks, Sham, me & Zuster Bokai

I can't remember when this was, but at sometime during this week, our first appointment fell through, we tried to see other people but with no success. We then thought to check someone that we contacted a couple of days ago. Luckily she was outside cleaning...we started to talk about God, we then asked her how God was protecting her in her life. She then started telling us how her her husband has been abusing her, mentally and physically, for 36 years, she then started crying and told us that she knows that God was with her and she felt His comfort.
She also told us how God has blessed her with great children that have good jobs, despite the past that they have had. It was very touching, we made an appointment with her for this week.

We also got to see Sham, an investigator, Sham has a friend who is very much Anti-Christ.
It was an interesting lesson, it was great to see Sham bearing his testimony and told his friend straight up that this church is true and that we are good people.

I´m excited to see what next week brings!

I really love my mission and I´m sad that it is going by so fast. But I will be forever grateful for the experiences that I have had here and for the people that have inspired me.
Eating at Salijo...finally

I love you all so much, speak to you soon!
Zuster Vernes

PS: a special thanks that I got to inherit Zuster Parker´s clothes when she left. I have a whole new wardrobe!

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