Monday, March 20, 2017

This week highlight: Ashweens baptism! March 20th

Well the transfer has ended and the next one is starting...I´m excited for this transfer as Zuster Bokai and I will be in a trio. We don't know which Sister yet though.

The highlight of the week was Ahsween´s baptism! It was so awesome, his testimony was really touching, his mom attended the baptism and the church the next day too! Which was so awesome, she is so supporting of her son which is really great even though our faiths are very different.
But she is a great mom. Some members of our branch came as well which I was so happy about.
 I made a promise to myself to always attend any baptism that are from our ward because it is so important to support the new brother or sister.

Ashween baptism: On Thursday after Ashween passed his baptismal interview he said: "I am so happy, I want to cry."

This week we also celebrated Phagwa...

....which is a Hindu New Years...

                                                                      ...Ashween asked us to celebrate with him and his family.

Another success has been Michele, he´s a less active that we have been working with, he has been coming to church every week. He asked us this week if we could fast with him, it was his first time fasting so of course we said yes! It was such a great experience being able to fast with him, he has changed SO much!! He is reading from the Book of Mormon every day, and he wants to go on a mission!!

This week we had a lot of meetings to go to so we didn't have as much time proselyting.

We also celebrated the 175th Relief Society anniversary which was SO much fun. 
Pictures will follow next week, if I remember to bring the SD card.

I´m excited for this transfer. I hope everyones week was good.
I love you.
Zuster Vernes

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