Monday, February 27, 2017

Best week of my mission so far - Feb 27

This week was probably the best week of my mission so far!

Our goal was basically talk to everyone we see and to have lessons with them. And so we did!
We had some very spiritual lessons with people that we just contacted on the street and some of them really want us to come back, so I´m excited to see how the Spirit will change them.

Carol, a Portuguese member, doesn't speak any English or Dutch. She is in our area, so we visit her and she comes to church.
So I sometimes have to translate for her in the very very little Portuguese that I know, but it has been great as the Spirit directs me on what I need to say.

I think it might have been last week and I am not sure if I mentioned this but we had an appointment with Michele.
As we arrived at his house we were told that he wasn't home, it then started to rain. A lot.
So we thought we´ll just wait a couple of minutes in case Michele comes back. Then his older brother Miguel comes out and we had an awesome lesson about God with him.
Many people have invited him to come to church as he has a lot of friends who are members, one of them is the District President. Anyways, we are now teaching him and he is super awesome and keeps all of his commitments.

In other news, his younger brother Michele invited his friend Janek to join in our lesson with us.
We invited them both to come to church...and they CAME!!!!
It was so great to see Michele finally coming back to church and bring his friend along.

We had a lesson with Ashween, we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and to my surprise he really loves coffee. When we told him that it is a commandment that we do not drink coffee...he thought for a moment and then said: "Okay, I´ve decided that I will no longer drink coffee."
It was just so awesome, even though he has a disability, he is in tune with the Spirit and he really loves the gospel. He bears his testimony in every lesson. He is a great example to me.

My bike broke again, but I fixed it

As we went contacting in our designated area, we had a quick dinner and stood close by a winkel (shop). There were a couple of people standing there, so we decided to talk to them and it turns out that one of the men was baptised 11 years ago and he stopped coming to church 2 years ago.
We are excited to get him back to church.

Riding the Old Dutch Lady in the rain

My companion Zuster Bokai
Exchange companion Zuster Baker

               Everything was flooded last week.

We had the opportunity to visit a member in the hospital this week who had a stroke. It was sad to see him as he didn't seem like the same person. We´ll be visiting him this week again and so hopefully we´ll be able to share a message with his family members.

I love you all so much!!
Keep reading the Book of Mormon.

Zuster Vernes
A snake getting into someones car

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