Monday, February 20, 2017

I love teaching - Feb 20th

This week, Zuster Bokai and I did some contacting as we usually do, we had some sweet contacts and even though a lot of people rejected us, it was still a great experience as we have been bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon and felt the Spirit through each others testimonies.
Whilst contacting we klopped / knocked at this one house...which turned out to be a bar.
We were very confused as there were only two people in there.

We´ve been having some really great lessons with Michel, he has been actually marking in his
Book of Mormon and bought a study journal and wrote down things that he has learned from reading, so whenever we come, he is all excited and shares what he had learned.
He has been progressing a lot now, he just need to come to church. But I think when we bring a member that he´ll have the courage to come. All he really need is a friend.

Stephanie (investigator), she's so awesome! When we arrived she told us that she´s been researching the Book of Mormon and is very interested in it. When we gave her one, she then said: "This is so beautiful." She was very excited to read it.
I´m excited to see how she´ll progress. She offered a very sincere prayer and expressed her desire to our Heavenly Father to know if the Book of Mormon is true.

Friday - I went on an exchange with Zuster Baker in Kwatta (my old area).
A lot has changed since I have served there. It was great seeing Zuster Baker in action, they have some solid investigators, one of them is Anastasia, she bore her testimony and told us how grateful she is that she has found this church.

Three of our investigators came to church which was really awesome! Ashween walked in with a white shirt and tie, which was really great to see. He is now on date and honestly the Spirit has changed him so much! I love teaching him I can't wait to see him enter the waters of baptism.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week :)
I love you all so much,

Zuster Vernes

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