Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I´m excited for many serving opportunities - Feb 14

We had a good week, were able to do some service which was really great. We made cookies with a member and then painted an engaged couple´s house. We´ll be helping them some more during this week which I´m really excited for as we don't get that many service opportunities.

We had some really good lessons with Ashween, he committed to being baptised at the end of this transfer. Which is super great! It was really funny, he told us that he looked up on YouTube how people get baptised and wanted to show all of them to us.


Sometime during this week, my bike broke down (its called the Old Dutch lady), luckily it was at the end of our day...unfortunately...we were on the Ringweg and its a pretty busy road and it takes a while to bike from there to get home. Anyways, so we had to walk home which took us like 40 minutes to reach half of the way. Then Zuster Bokai did something to the Old dutch lady and we were able to bike the rest, which was great! However the next day, it was still broken but fortunately for us, our investigator Sham was able to fix my bike!

Sham is really great and he still is getting very emotional during our lessons. He told us some amazing news a couple of days ago...HE STOPPED SMOKING! And we didn't even teach him the Word of Wisdom! We are still teaching from the Restoration, but he said that he felt like he should stop. He said, that sometimes he still has the urge to smoke, but he then thinks of God and us and the urge goes away which is super awesome. The Spirit is changing him.

It also turns out that my companion Zuster Bokai...has a phobia of kittens, tis week we came in contact with a lot of kittens and she freaked out. It was really funny but the own was very confused as he was holding the kitten.
With Rashney
Pigs fat crisp
We left our investigator Oma Abduhlhamid to read in 2 Nephi:31
When we came back to our appointment...the minute we sat down..she said: "I know what you're trying to say here. You want me to be baptised, and I know that I need to be baptised. I´ve been investigating for almost a year and it has been clear since the very beginning. And so I have prayed and I want to be baptised in April."
It was really awesome!

We have a new investigator, Stephanie, and she's very educated in the Bible, so we shared the Restoration with her. As we were explaining the great Apostasy, she then asked: "But how did we get the Priesthood?"
It was just really great seeing her engaged in the lesson and just has a deep sincere desire to know more.

Marilin, Dominican investigator, is SUPER awesome! The minute we entered her house, she was holding the Book of Mormon very close to her heart, had a huge smile across her face...showed us all of the verses that she marked and explained how much she loves the Book of Mormon.
It was a huge testimony builder for me as I find it very hard to teach her in Papiamento and I just have to completely rely on the Spirit helping me to understand what she is saying. At one point during the lesson I just felt very inadequate on teaching the Book of Mormon in Papiamento.
But then I felt a warm feeling in my heart and a thought popped in my head that I won't have to say much but to use the verses in the Book of Mormon that explain what it is about. So thats what we did, and it was awesome! At that moment I realised how important it is to being worthy of having the Spirit with you at all times. I realised that the only reason why Marilin wants us back isn't because of our personality but because of the Spirit that she can feel during our lessons despite our lack of language and because she is reading the Book of Mormon.

I know the Book of Mormon is true, there is not a single doubt! I love the Book of Mormon, and I know that we need to read it every day!

I love you all so much.
Zuster Vernes

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