Monday, July 11, 2016

Baptism of Shevello July 11

Shevello (10) got baptized on Saturday! His parents are non members, they do not come to church, its only him and his siblings. Any ways appointments fell through and we planned on getting him a date. As a joke I said: "How does 9th of July sounds?" We then thought about it and he has had all the lessons multiple times and he has been wanting to get baptized for years, his mom just didnt think he was ready yet. So long story short...we asked his parents and they said YES!! It was awesome seeing him getting baptized and he was/is so HAPPY!

Here is a quote from Brother Hendricks that I like. We ask him of how baptism changed his life. This is what he said: "Through baptism I received strength to progress in life." I thought it was very true, only through baptism we are able to understand and experience God´s power. It is the only way for us to progress spiritually when we keep our covenants.

I think our biggest success other than our baptism would have to be our less actives. We were able to reactivate 3 less actives on Sunday. A lot of them come to church again and so do our investigators. I cant describe how happy it makes me to see them at church.

I hope every ones week has been amazing! Love you all, speak soon!

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