Monday, May 9, 2016

Transfer calls April 18

On Saturday we got our transfer calls. I will be serving in Kwatta and my companion will be Zuster Jorgenson, so nothing is changing there. However 2 areas will be shut down due to not having many sister missionaries. My old area Balona Park is shut down and so is Paramaribo North. Zuster Wood (my 1st companion) is going home on Tuesday, I´m sad cuz I will miss her, she´s a lot of fun but I´m excited for her to begin her new adventure. With her 2 more sisters are leaving Suriname. Zuster Walsh and Zuster Ibrahim, she will be serving in Belgium/Netherlands. A lot of things had happened and as I could not write last week...I´ll have to update you on that too.

Kalusha is less active, he´s the one who taught us some boxing, and as it turns out..I´m a natural at it :) In his closing prayer he said: I´m grateful that people aren´t giving up on me". He is so cool! Yesterday he came to church, afterwards we checked on him and he then said how he was able to feel the Spirit again. It was just a sweet moment, I´m just so grateful being able to see people´s testimonies grow!

Then there´s Nicole, she has 4 kids, in RS meeting she said how many people told her not to come to this church, but she wanted to see for herself. She has only met with the missionaries 3 times! She continued: "But now that I´m in church, it feels so different from other churches. It feels good! I really feel good inside and I think that this is the right path for me". What a golden investigator. I even had the chance to be in a lesson with her last week as we were on exchanges. So now that there aren´t many missionaries, we will be teaching her which I´m very excited about!

Huge miracle this Sunday..Patricia came to church! She kinda lives in French Guyana, she´s the one who cried in our lesson when I was bearing my testimony. Due to her working in French Guyana we only see her once a month. So you can imagine what a suprise it was to see her coming to church! She was beaming with joy!!

I love the Asmoredgos family!! I love them so much, they are cool, 4 boys with the oldest being 10 the youngest is only a few months old. Sister Asmoredgo was actually in the hospital for a few months. We had a chance to visit her at the hospital, which was nice. She showed us some pictures of her when she was serving her mission in the Dominican Republic. She was the very first sister missionary  from Suriname!!

Zuster Walsh came to Kwatta, so I was on an exchange with her.  Shes a crazy missionary, a good crazy, she just loves every one and she isn´t afraid to talk to everyone. It was a very good experience...also a little scary...she took her glasses off as it was raining...her eyesight being minus 8 which is double of mine...

I´m really excited for this transfer though, we really want to focus on getting less actives back to church and have a service project at least once a week! Somehow giving service here is hard...everyone just says they dont need help with anything. Which is a bit frustating, cuz I just want to help even if its taking the trash out. So my challenge to you... invite the missionaries over to help you, they will love it, they do not see it as a burden!

I love you all so much, cant send pictures this week cuz I forgot my camera at home, which just means you´ll have more pictures next week ;)

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