Monday, May 9, 2016

Crazy week April 25

Crazy week and unfortunately not much time to email...

On Wednesday we always have a FHE at Zuster Yetty, we decided to talk about missionary work, however when we  got there...Zuster Yetty invited a bunch of Belgian students that were leaving the next day. They had a BBQ, there must have been like 30 more Suriname people eating and talking. It seemed like they were having a great time, I then thought: we might not have a lesson. Zuster Yetty then says to every one: "The missionaries are here to share a message". I was so scared!!There were so many people!! We then decided to watch a Mormon message, I think its called: The Hope of Light. And we than bore our testimonies. The Spirit was ridiculously strong!! It was an amazing experience, so that night we got 12 new investigators!!

We visited a less active, Patricia, she told us that she was really really sick and she could not understand why she had to be sick. She´d prayed to God and read her scriptures. She was really sad. But then I shared a scripture in 1 Nephi. I cant really remember where exactly...but it talks about that God loves us and we dont know the meaning of all things. I reassured her that even though we dont know the meaning of everything, we can find comfort in knowing that He loves us!! She than started crying and said: "Yes I know that He loves me".

We got Ramona on a baptism date! It was amazing, it will be in October, which I know is far but thats because she needs to get married first. We encouraged her to kneel with us and ask Heavenly Father when to get baptized, just another amazing experience! She started smiling and said: "I know I need to get baptized and I want to get baptized as soon as possible". I love her so much, she´s amazing.

This week we had to fill the baptismal font which took forever! Meaning we had to cancel on some people, we also had a lot of bike problems...meaning we had to cancel on a lot of people. Even though those things happened, we were able to somehow have a decent amount of lessons with others. This was just a really good week!

Love you all, hope everyone is doing well! Speak soon!

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