Monday, May 9, 2016

Rough week May 2

This week was a little companion and I were both sick! I had some really bad stomach aches, Zuster Jorgenson was sick...didnt have a voice. So we had to cancel our appointments, we still went out but when we felt weak or worse...we had to go back home. Actually it was kinda fun, it was nice to stay inside whilst its raining and having fun together, but then on the same time...we did not like it because all we want to go out teach and serve others!! Luckily this week we feel a lot better so I´m excited to be out all day!!

Unfortunately Kalusha, our boxing teacher, his Dad died a few days ago. He called us with the news, not my favorite phone call. Kalusha is quite sad about it though, we were still able to text him uplifting messages and deliver some homemade brownies. The funeral will be held this upcoming week, hopefully we´ll get to see him soon.

Hugo is now on date...his baptism will be May 28th!!! I´m pretty excited and he has progressed a lot! We also had to fill the baptismal font on Friday as there were 4 baptism on Saturday. It definitely got me pumped up to work harder so then the next time we´ll be filling the´ll be because an investigator of ours is getting baptized!

We visited with Sister Ria, she hasn't been coming to church in a really long time, she had to take care of her mom while her Dad went missing. Thats the reason she hasn't come to church, however her Dad randomly showed up again and is back home and still she´s not back at church. I really dont know what is keeping her from coming, whenever we have a lesson, the Spirit is super strong! Last lesson we shared our favorite verse in the Book of Mormon. And I know she can feel it, even she admits it. However so far she hasn´t been to church. We contacted her sister, Anna, she is now receiving visits form the Elders and has got a baptism date! Someone form her old church came and told her that she is doing something wrong by getting lessons from the Mormon church. Anna than pulled out her Bible and bore her testimony, she said: "In here it talks about the Holy Ghost. I can feel it whenever I go to the LDS church, I was never able to feel that before. And every time I get a visit from the missionaries, I feel the Spirit just as strongly. And that is how I know that I am on the right path!."

                                                On the door it says: "Jesus for life"

                         Little Fanny, whom I love so much, sister of Zuster Zeegelaar

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