Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Priesthood is truly a power of God - April 24th

Cant believe that we are now in week six of my 12th transfer...

This week went a little different than how I expected. I had a fever sometime during the week and I just kept throwing up all over the place. It was absolutely horrible! Therefore we couldn't go out very much, BUT my companion was taking good care of me and so were the other sisters. Then the senior couple came by and brought me medicine and Elder Crawford gave me a Priesthood blessing and from that I just knew that the next day... that I will be healthy again! And I was!! Just to say that I am grateful for the Priesthood would be an understatement. I feel so happy to have always been able to receive blessings since I was a young girl from Dad. I know that the Priesthood truly is a power of God! Without it...we would be lost.

So, with me being sick and then we had the "Wandel Markt" (is a marathon/walk where surinamese people are wearing their cultural clothes) Missionary work was a little "dead".

The Wandel Markt

However we did get to see Michiel, who is a less active due to his work, has been giving us his friends as referrals. He came out teaching with us to one of them which is Jorgan.
Jorgan is SUPER quiet, at the beginning of the lesson there were so many noises and distractions. Children screaming, dogs barking and cars honking at each other. Michiel later told us when this was going on whilst we were teaching the Restoration, he said a prayer in his heart that the Spirit will be able to be present and the noises will go away. After a couple of was completely silent and we had a powerful lesson about the Restoration.

Michiel bore a very sincere testimony of the truthfulness of our message, that the church has been really restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Having him bear his testimony really helped Jorgan, especially because they were friends you could really feel the love that Michiel had for Jorgan.
I can testify of the importance of having members helps us with our investigators.
I encourage all of you to go out with the missionaries. WE NEED YOU!

Zuster Jordan & me

As we were teaching Jorgan, our investigator Junior, was actually sitting really close by doing his schoolwork and was listening very intensively to our message. Which we didn't know at the time but Michiel told us that when we left, he got up and wanted to know more from Michiel.
Now Junior is very interesting as last time during our lesson he was asking a lot of questions to basically start an argument, but during that lesson with Jorgan, he softened his heart and the next time we saw him...we had a very spiritual lesson with him.

At the Palmentuin

I really love being on my mission! I love being a missionary, I´m so grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn and help others.

I love you all, speak to you soon.
Zuster Vernes

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