Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I don't want to lose it! - April 18th

This week was great, we worked hard and it payed off.

Monday: a really good day, we went to the Najorda´s (active family) and we got talking to Brother Salik. Eventually I asked him when he got baptised, he then started laughing and than told us that he isn't baptised yet! It was mind blowing, he has been coming to church for years!! And no-one knew that he never actually got baptised. So now we are teaching him. He has got some problems which is why he doesn't want to get baptised yet.

And we held a monkey on Monday!!! Pictures will be attached next week.

Tuesday: it was pouring rain! It reminded me of that one talk in General Conference about trials:
"Look up, open your mouth and DRINK IT."
So thats exactly what Zuster Jordan and I than did.

We also had the chance to see Sister Salik, she gave us the classic bread with eggs and jam, some juice that isn't actually juice. We then got on the subject on sharing our testimonies, she then says:
"People might not like it when I share my testimony  because I talk too much, but I have to share my testimony every fast Sunday. You want to know why I share my testimony every fast Sunday?
Because I don't want to lose it!"
I felt the Spirit very strongly when she said that and so I have made a commitment to myself to ALWAYS bear my testimony, because I don't want to lose it either!

We also got to do some service this week. We painted some more tables at our investigators
grandma´s house, it was really great. Now the lady who takes care of the Oma (=grandma) is taking the missionary lessons!

from left to right: Br Simon, Zuster Bokai, Karol, Marilin, Zuster Jordan, me & Wendell 
Sunday: a very touching day for me, we walked to Wendell´s picked him up and we then walked together to church which took about 45 minutes. It was great as we were able to talk about spiritual things which prepared us for church. Then when we were waiting in the church, we explained to Wendell the importance of the Sacrament and the meaning of it.
The day before that we talked about Christ´s Atonement with him which was perfect as the talks that were given was about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He felt the Spirit very strongly that day.

My former Portuguese investigator, Marilin, came to church as well. Unfortunately she isn't in my area anymore but she came and felt the Spirit even though she wasn't able to understand what they were saying.

Hope everyone is doing well, love you all

Zuster Vernes

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