Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It was a long week - April 10th

Well...I am with new companion, Zuster Jordan, she is super awesome! She is from the country, like hunting, farming...she is very short and comes from a very large family, so quite opposite of me BUT I love her and we get along really well.

Zuster Jordan and me
I don't know why but this week has felt really long. We had Zone Conference, interviews with President Egbert, packing and unpacking, moving into a new apartment and had a lot of meeting to go to. Unfortunately we didn't get to do much of proselyting as usual...therefore I don't not have much to report on.
Because Zuster Jordan is very short, she couldn't fit on any of the bikes that we had. We then switched bikes as my "Old Dutch Lady" bike was able to lower the seat. But even then she was too short for it. And I had to be on this tiny bike which had a seat that we couldn't adjust higher. Luckily after two days the Crawfords gave us another bike, which fits the best out of all the other ones, but Zuster Jordan still needs to jump off it as it is still a little too big.

We were able to do some service at our investigators, Wendell, Grandma´s house...we painted her chairs which actually took the rest of the day but she was really happy once we were done and we were able to share the gospel and contact her caregiver which was great.

Sometime during the week we were able to go contacting, as we spoke to this woman, Wendell, totally ruined our contacting. He saw he just wanted to chat :) And then we moved on to the next house one of the other kids (a teenager) that we first contacted kept following us which made contacting slightly awkward.

When we visited Wendell this week he said: " Whenever you (girls) come you give me spiritual strength."
Also he wants to get baptised which we are so excited for!

Hope everyones week was amazing!
Love you.

Zuster Vernes

I´m a master at killing cockroaches ,)

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