Monday, March 14, 2016

Broken bike, investigators coming to church, findings of Elder Vernes, Trinidad.

Thank you all for emailing me, I love reading what´s happening in your lives. it´s also weird seeing Charlie (my nephew) changing into a boy!!

My new companion Zuster Jorgenson is AWESOME!! I love her, she´s super hard working, funny, extremely kind to every one! I´m so glad that we are companions, we are going to have so much fun together this transfer. And I cant wait to see our area improving.

During weekly planning we were flipping through our area book. Zuster Jorgenson then looks at me and says: "Whoa, thats weird..." I say: "What? Let me see." I look at the teaching record and I see: Elder Vernes´s handwriting and his name on all these old teaching records!! It was so cool seeing that, we also found an old Dutch dictionary and in the front it says: Elder Vernes.

Alot happened this week. My bike broke every single day of this week which was not fun at all. Actually it was very frustating and I started to freak out because I thought we wouldn´t have the chance to see many people any more. Luckily Zuster Jorgenson knows how to change tires and all those other things. However sometimes we had to make a decision to either stay home and fix my bike which takes hours or to bike with one bike whilst the other companion is sitting behind the person biking. So alot of times we had to do that. I know it´s not the safest but we didnt want to cancel on people and I hate being at home if there´s still work to do. Lucikly nothing bad happenend, we got to the appoinment safe and we had some very spiritual lessons.

Zuster Jorgenson getting dirty fixing my bike...again!

Elizebeth is currently on her way to Guyana for a back operation. However...she´s not scared at all! A broeder (brother) at church gave her a blessing. She said that she now feels calm and loved. We were teaching her about missionary work and she got so excited, she then said that when she´s in Guyana...she will talk to every single person about the gospel! I have no doubt in that, she´s amazing.

On Sunday an investigator finally came to church. I was so suprised seeing him in church. He´s the one who prayed so that Heavenly Father will help him to stop daydreaming during the lessons. He seemed to really enjoy church and I cant wait to speak to him more about it.

We are teaching Zuster Zeegelaar (my previous companion) brothers girlfriend and her Dad. To our suprise he came to church, was awesome seeing him there. On Sunday we had the chance to have Family Home Evening with them and the Spirit was undeniable strong. And I have a feeling that Broeder Zeegelaar will be coming to church more often. He also loves playing checkers just like me but he´s crazy good, he has a ton of books and studies different moves every day. I told him that he´s going to make me the best checker player, so since then he has showed me a lot of moves and different techniques. I even beat him once!
I love the Zeegelaars, they are so nice, I just hope that we´ll be able to help them to come back to church so when my previous companion will return from her mission...they can be sealed in the temple!!

Zuster Zeegelaar and Zuster Wood

Sorry that this email is short, but I hope that all of you had a good week. I´ll be leaving Suriname at 3 in the morning to fly to Trinidad. I will have to go to Trinidad every 90 days because of my visa. I´m excited to go there though so then I can learn from the Trinidad sisters!

I love you all so much!

Love the Surinamese people
Zuster Zeegelaar doing the braids

Rocking our braids - Zuster Wood & me

 My bike broke and we had to call some members, so Broeder Hamid and his wife picked me up. He was holding my bike whislt being in the back of the car as the back wouldnt close, his wife was driving and my companions had to bike home.


  1. I am Zr. Jorgensen's Mother. I have enjoyed reading some of you Sweet Daughters posts. Thank you for posting them Ashley also has a blog it is .enjoy.

  2. I am Zr. Jorgensen's Mother. I have enjoyed reading some of you Sweet Daughters posts. Thank you for posting them Ashley also has a blog it is .enjoy.