Friday, March 11, 2016

Translating is hard work but I would do it again!

I´ve got a lot to tell you...okay so my first transfer call...I´ll be serving in Kwatta which I´m still excited about because now I do not have to work in two areas any more. And I will be serving with Zuster Jorgenson; she´s super sweet and very hard working so I´m excited to being able to serve with her. Although I´ll miss Zuster Wood and Zuster Zeegelaar.

Me and my sweet pink ride

On Saturday we had a service project at a members house, Lucille, I must admit Zuster Wood and I didnt think that many people would show up...but as we arrived, her garden was full of members!! It just warmed up my heart and I could´ve cried. You could tell that Lucille was very touched, her life hasn't been easy but it was so great to see how members showed up and helped her. I love my ward here, the people are so different than in England or Germany, but they are good people and I feel like I am part of this huge loving family.

We are teaching a young man, he´s about 19-20, he´s super funny. He´s really fun to teach. Anyways we invited him to say the closing prayer. In his prayer he then says: "Oh and please help me so I wont daydream during the lessons with the sisters", it was kinda funny. People are just really honest. We invited him to get baptized and he accepted. He will be baptized on April 16th. I´m very excited because his Dad is actually the Bishop of our ward and his step Mom is sealed to his Dad. I just know that through the gospel their relationship as a family will become stronger.

Bought a new skirt

Hugo is another investigator that Zuster Zeegelaar and I contacted. He´s so cool! He has come to church every Sunday, he even had the chance to witness 3 men at church receive the priesthood. After our lesson he looked at us and said: "You now, I really want to get baptized, the church is so cool and I cant wait when I can receive the  priesthood by the laying of hands.
His wife isn't really interested and she a little "cold" towards us. However in our lesson we showed Hugo the Restoration video. At first she was in the house, through the door crack she would watch the video. After a while the door opened more and more, she then took a chair and sat with us outside...still a bit at a distance, she then comes closer and closer. It was so funny to witness. It was so cool cuz whilst we were watching the video Hugo would take his Restoration pamphlet and look in there and then back to the video so he could grasp as much information as possible! He always tells us that he wants to know EVERYTHING!!. He even said: "I want you sisters to come and teach me twice a week." I just love it when you see investigators feeling the Spirit and they just crave more.

I love teaching Odessa, she´s getting really excited about the gospel, she´s just so sweet. She´s a woman that Zuster Jensen and I contacted. After our lesson, she told us that she loves us coming, that she can feel the Spirit and she just feels peace. She also told us since we have been meeting up with her...her husband has stopped drinking and smoking. We haven´t taught her husband yet, but we are working on it.

huge mosquito!
Elizabeth is still on her a baptism date however we might have to change it to April. Because it turns out that her son wont be able to baptize her which is a little sad. She does love the gospel and the church, she even came to church all by herself! It was so good seeing her, I also had to translate in English for her. It was a very spiritual experience, sometimes I could not remember a certain word but I could just feel Heavenly Father helping me, whispering the word in my ear. Translating from Dutch to English is hard work but I would do it any time again. As we were teaching her, her daughter said that she wanted to come back to church! All of the sudden Elizabeth grabs her heart and yells: I`M GETTING A HEART ATTACK!! I CAN`T BELIEVE SHE`S COMING TO CHURCH"
It was so funny, Elizabeth then told us that she has been praying a lot for her daughter to return to church.

I love you all so very much!! Hope everyone had a good week.

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