Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I can't believe I only have 8 days left in Suriname!!! Then I will be in Trinidad  and then... BAM I'm in Germany. 
It honestly doesn't feel like it has been 18 months. I still feel like I just came out of the MTC.
Anyways this week was really great!!! 
We had Zone conference this week which is amazing as usual. Pres. Egbert was talking about Temples and I honestly can't wait to go to the temple again. It was really cool as we were mostly reading in the old testament and just reading how God has instructed his children to build temples from the very beginning.

We taught our investigator Micky this week which is always a highlight, he is just so humble and accepting of the gospel. We asked him if he would be coming to church on sunday. He then says: " Well according to this book (the pamphlet) it says to not procrastinate and come to church and I have missed two Sunday's which is too many so I will come to church." Sunday came along and Micky did come!!! Which just made me so happy he started making friends right away and stayed the whole three hours. After church we asked him what he thought of it and he said: " I just feel like I came home".
Sometime during this week I went on exchanges with the Rainville zusters. (my old area) 
It was good going there and seeing these Zusters work hard, being obedient and they have just changed so much. 
Their teaching skills have improved enormously which made me happy to see.
Then when I returned back to my area we had an appointment with Jorgan. When we arrived a less active Michele was there as well. So he then joined the lesson which is good because Jorgan is painfully shy and just doesn't really talk. 
After the lesson Michele then says: " Hey sisters you said you were going to visit me today at the same time you told Jorgan you would visit him, that's why I came here." 
Whupps!! felt pretty bad that we doubled booked ourselves but it all worked out. :)


Wendell also came to church yesterday he then said the closing prayer in Gospel Principles class and he said:" I am grateful that I can be here. I know that these are good people and I want to continue to be surrounded by them and continue to be a part of it".
Well I hope everyone's week was good. 
I love you all
Zuster Vernes
On my exchange I got to teach my past investigator Marilin in very broken Portuguese!! I am grateful that Heavenly father blesses me with the gift of tongues in those times when we teach Brazilians. Also Marilin will be moving back to the Dominican Republic and will get baptised there. I am so excited for her.  

with Marilin

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