Monday, May 22, 2017

One look and we know - May 22nd

This week literally flew by!!!

So tonight I will be biking to Kwatta and then tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Trinidad for MLC. I will return to Paramaribo on friday. I'm excited but not looking forward to stay out of my area for that long. But I am confident, in my companion Zuster Jordan, she will do great. 

Zuster Jordan and I have just been on the same wave length which is great. 
We just give each other one look and we already know what the other one is thinking. 

We invited our investigator Micky to be baptized which he accepted. Later during the week we also taught him Word of Wisdom. And it went really well. I was slightly concerned as he has clear Word of Wisdom problems. As we explained to him why the Word of Wisdom is so important. He was quiet for a while. He then looked at us and just said:" I will try. No I will stop. I feel like I need to stop." 

Sometime during the week we had a lesson with a new investigator named Olga. She is an old woman and can't walk very well. Anyways we get there and she just starts talking about random stuff. Then her phone rang.
And she asks us if it be alright for her to pick up. 
We say yes. And she was literally on the phone for 35 minutes!!! 
I was just so confused. And it was hard to interrupt her to say that we need to go. 
Hopefully our next lesson will be better. 

Our investigator Wendell wanted to fast to receive an answer whether he needs to stay here in Suriname or go back to the Netherlands so we fasted with him. We had to run in pouring rain to get to his house, completely soaked we read in Omni (I think) and started our fast. We were just continually praying for him during the day as he smokes like 30 cigarettes a day. But for the whole two meals he didn't smoke and later he only smoked 2 which was really amazing.

We are still meeting up with Stephanie. (investigator) She still wants to know if this is true. She has been reading in her Book of Mormon every day and has been marking in her scriptures. We invited a member to come with us (Sister Salik) we made sure to be there 15 minutes early because Sister Salik tends to just make herself feel like home at our investigators houses :) 
We klop and guess who answers the door... Sister Salik!! Anyways we had a good lesson with Stephanie, we watched a General Conference talk by Pres. Monson to strengthen her testimony of a modern prophet. 

Yesterday during a LONG day of contacting we started talking to a man who was drinking a beer. As we tell him that we are here to speak about God and helping others to come unto Christ. He looked at his beer and then said:" Should I throw this away? It isn't good to drink is it?" 
He then throws his beer away and we had a great lesson with him. 

Hope everyone's week was good. 
I love you all 
Speak to you soon 

Zuster Vernes

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