Friday, May 5, 2017

I want to live in the light - May 1st has been raining a lot and I do not like it one bit! I only like it when it stopped raining and we are just biking through flooded streets.

We had lots of appointments falling through this week but that is okay because we just contacted all day long in the rain. We found some awesome people though which made it worth contacting and get completely soaked.

We actually got talking to this one girl, who at first was a little rude towards us, but then we started talking about God and we then ask her: If God was here, what do you think He would tell you?"
Which took her by surprise...we then all shared about what He would tell us and how He would want us to improve. It was a really good conversation, it softened her heart a lot.

Unfortunately one of our investigators, Jason, moved to a certain place in Suriname where there is no church and no missionaries. Which was really sad as he was progressing a lot. I just really hope that he´ll be able to read from the Book of Mormon and strenghten his testimony.

This week we had a lesson with some new investigators, the Schippers, they are an elderly couple and we taught them about the Restoration and really focussed on the Priesthood. Then brother Schipper said: "I think that my baptism didn't count, they didn't have the Priesthood."
He then looks at us and says: "But I need to be baptised with the Priesthood? Do we have the Priesthood here in Suriname?"
My companion and I both smiled and told him how we have the Priesthood here in Suriname. It was really cool seeing him understand the importance of the Priesthood.

We had a super awesome lesson with Stephanie, we have been doing the challenge of President Egbert which was to teach the 4 keys lessons: 1. God, 2. Restoration, 3. Book of Mormon and 4. the Atonement, then give them 3 Nephi 27 as a commitment and invite them to be baptised.
So we were following up with Stephanie, she read and even marked, then I started saying:
"Stephanie, will you follow in the...
Stephanie: "YES"
Me: "uhh you will bap...
Stephanie: "YES, I will get baptised."

Before I go, I have to share this one more experience that happened.
Zuster Jordan and I were looking through some former investigators and one of them was Arthur.
Not sure if anyone remembers him but he read the Book of Mormon within 3 weeks and was preparing himself to being baptised...but then he randomly dropped us.
I then thought, maybe we should call him. The moment I told my companion...the phone rang...
I looked at the screen and it was...ARTHUR!!
We had a lesson with him yesterday and he told us why he called us: "I felt like I was in complete darkness and I want to live in the light, which I know only comes from the gospel."

This is all for this week, sorry I didn't take pictures.

I love you all,

Zuster Vernes

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