Monday, April 11, 2016

Bruinsberg Waterfall

We woke at 4 am this morning to meet up with our zone. We went to Bruins-berg, a really cool waterfall...however it takes forever to hike over there. On the way to the waterfall...I fell A LOT...not fun. I dont even enjoy hiking but it was fun being with the missionaries, especially the sisters, which are in different areas, so I do not get to see them often. Anyways I was able to hear the waterfall as I looked up (as I fell again), it was super slippery for some reason...and it was beautiful! We climbed up, it was really cold but oh so beautiful. My mission is AWESOME!! I love being able to enjoy all nature that Heavenly Father created for us.

We finally saw Elizabeth again, as she was in Guyana due to her back surgery, we invited her to conference and she said: "Sisters I wont miss it! I wont allow it, nothing is going to hold me back. Nothing...she then stops and says: okay maybe one thing and that is death but other than that not nothing is keeping me from coming to church." And as promised she came! In fact she was half an our early for Saturday and Sunday meetings. At the end of General Conference she said: " I feel very good inside, my heart feels good. Its the Holy Ghost."

We also got a call from someone called Hanan. My companion and I both did not know him, he sounded very panicky over the phone and asked if we can come to his house that night. He kept saying: "I need the missionaries to come over." We invited a member to come along just in case Hanan was crazy. As we arrived at the beginning of his street, he was already waiting outside his house for us and said: "Hurry, hurry." We then rushed inside and he explained that his sisters baby is very sick and hadn't been eating or sleeping, he´s constantly crying. The mothers baby was worried and asked if we could give the baby a blessing. Luckily we had a worthy Priesthood holder with us, so he was able to give the baby a blessing, as soon as he said "Amen"...the baby started to laugh and be its normal self. They are not members but the guy, Hanan, who contacted us, is an investigator in Paramaribo. He told his sister that we can help.

I am so grateful for the Priesthood, I am so lucky to have worthy male members in my family that were able to give me a blessing when I needed it!!
The child's mother felt the Spirit and wants to know more about the church; we will be able to have a lesson with her before she goes back home to the Netherlands.

I love you all! I love this gospel!!

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